"Wining and Dining: Dutch Treat"
Quarterly Review of Wines, Summer 2011
"Wining and Dining: More Best Bites"
Quarterly Review of Wines, Spring 2011
"Pleasure Eating"
WowOwow, January 2011
"Vintage Thoughts"
Boston Common, December 2010/January 2011
"A Season for Pleasures . . . Not Pounds"
girls' guide to Paris, November 2010
"How to Eat in Paris"
WowOwow, August 2010
"Time for a Career Audit"
Downtown Women's Club , February 2010
"Affordable Luxury"
Ehlite, Winter 2009
"Hate the Gym? How Very French!", September 21, 2009
"French Women Do Drink Wine"
Bon Appetit, June 2008
"Intro Chapter of Parisiennes: Appetite "
Parisiennes: A Celebration of French Women, Flammarion , 2007
"A Day in the Life of Mireille Guiliano"
Times (London), November 12, 2006

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