Business Manifesto

  • A smile is the ultimate accessory and is always in season.
  • A style is cultivated over time and involves lessons and choices as one matures. Every woman's style should evolve over time.
  • A woman does not need to be gorgeous to succeed. A woman, however, needs to be well-groomed and presentable (let’s call it soignée).
  • Always make eye contact. The power of looking men (and women) in the eye and smiling is enormous, and the consequences of not doing so are equally telling and consequential.
  • Always strive to be bien dans sa peau, that is, true to your unique, outward self in addition to your inward, emotional self. Develop your own style; a look and manner that feels comfortable and right to you and that you present to the world.
  • As a woman, you have to work harder and smarter than everyone else to succeed and be respected. There aren’t many shortcuts on the way up.
  • Bad hair is a branding catastrophe for women.
  • Balance the present against the future and don’t put off all of your dreams and pleasures to another day. There has to be a powerful element of living life in the present in any balanced personal definition of success.
  • Be sensitive to differences in gender-specific communication styles in the workplace. This can help avoid serious miscommunications and help you in achieving your and your company’s goals and needs.
  • Be your own brand; if you are not a brand, you are a commodity and will not stand out in a sea of indistinguishable peers.

Are You "Aging with Attitude"? Ask Yourself:

  • What does my appearance say to people I meet?
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