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MIREILLE’S MUSINGS: My Corner of Provence

Each summer for the past several years I’ve been lucky enough to unwind in my favorite corner of Provence enjoying the sun, vegetation, culture and toujours a steady rotation of guests. Readers are always curious about my home there, and the lifestyle I take on each summer during my respite from the big cities, and it’s time I truly savor. Earlier this year I had lunch with a woman whose work I greatly enjoy, Barrie Kerper of The Collected Traveler series, who combines travel advice with articles, interviews and quotes from a variety of writers (including me, in the Paris edition) to give travelers a full cultural sense of their destinations. We spoke at length about Provence, and I shared photos with her of my time there. She wrote a blog post with my interview, in which I discuss some of my favorite things about Provence: foods, wines, activities, cultural experiences and more. It’s worth a read for anyone who’s curious about the region.

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