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MIREILLE’S MUSINGS: Preparing for the pre-holiday gorging season

With Thanksgiving almost here, we’re rapidly approaching that month-long period where we all seem especially vulnerable to putting on a few pounds. If you gain a couple of pounds each holiday season, over the years it adds up big time. Even more dangerous, it often leads to New Year’s Resolutions to diet to lose the weight, which leads to yo-yoing to a lower weight and back up again (again causing you to pack on pounds over the years, not to mention other health problems). Better to go into the holiday season with a few smart and effective tactics to enjoy yourself and take your pleasures while maintaining your waistline.

I came across this blog post recently from a woman who read French Women Don’t Get Fat. She shares a few tips she learned from the books, and the National Post video she shares is a great reminder of some ways you can easily maintain your equilibrium. It’s worth a watch. A few of my top tips this season are:

1. Use the Magical Breakfast from The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook: it’s an easy breakfast and an effortless way to help keep your waistline intact.

2. Eat everything slowly and pay attention; try to avoid gulping down platefuls of food mindlessly while standing up at parties.

3. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Pass up the multiple plates of subpar cookies, and instead splurge on a quality dark chocolate truffle.

4. With the cold weather, it’s a perfect time for soups. If you overindulge a bit one night, have a smaller meal with soup the next day.

5. Even though it’s getting colder, find some easy ways to stay active…a daily walk (bundled up) and taking the stairs are helpful; yoga is a good indoor activity, too.

6. Even though I love food, the greatest pleasure of the holidays is the chance to see so much of your friends and family…be sure to enjoy and focus on this, and not only the food.

If you need more tips, “Keeping your equilibrium over the holidays” is also worth a re-visit.

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