Paris Frivole
Le Paris des huîtres – Mireille Guiliano – guide gastronomique

"Interview with Mireille Guiliano"
Slow Control, August 2015
"French paradox: Why do few French women get fat?"
Buffalo News, August 2015
"Mireille Guiliano on Taking Risks, Not Having It All and Breaking Barriers in a Man's World "
BostInno, July 2015
"Mireille Guiliano's Passion for Oysters"
Mariani's Virtual Gourmet Newsletter, June 2015

Out and About in Paris
Celebrating oysters in Paris! "Meet Paris Oyster" by Mireille Guiliano and L'Huîtrier

French Revolution
French Women and Oysters: Mireille Guiliano Stops by To Talk Joie de Vivre and Hew New Book, Meet Paris Oyster

A Woman's Paris
French Impressions: Mireille Guiliano’s “Meet Paris Oyster” in pursuit of the world’s best oysters and wine pairings with them

"How to eat an oyster"
France Today French Entree, December 2-14
"Avec l’huître, Mireille Guiliano a trouvé sa perle rare"
French Morning, November 2014

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