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Where She's Eating Now

I love to dine out and make new gastronomic discoveries. Above all, I love to share these discoveries with friends.  Here are some of my recent  informal reviews and suggestions for delicious culinary experiences. 

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Restaurant Reviews

For the last twenty years, my husband Edward and I have been writing a Wining and Dining column for the Quarterly Review of Wines. Here are some of our more recent favorite reviews from all over the world.

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I'm an avid reader -- remember, I rarely watch TV!  Give me a book -- a cookbook, a novel, a biography, a good collection of poetry -- and I'll disappear for hours.  Here are some of my recent and all time favorites.

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I could go to the movies every day -- it's a great escape.  To my delight French films are again getting better and better.  Here I share my favorite American, French, and various foreign films, as well as my joyful discoveries in theatre and music.

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Need I tell you I love chocolate? Good, rich, dark chocolate. Many of you have asked for additional recommendations for quality chocolates.  Here are just a few of my favorites...

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