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Thank you for writing such an enlightened book. I wish every American woman would read your book and learn to celebrate eating right. I placed my copy of French Women Don’t Get Fat in my kitchen as an every day reminder! - Renee, North Carolina

Your book is great for men as well—17 pounds and counting! This is the only diet I’ve been able to stick with. Thank you. - Jon, NY

Having gained a fair amount of weight over the past few years because of mindless eating, I bought the first book as a guide to weight loss but ended up enjoying it as a guide to good living. - Faye, the Philippines

I’m a registered dietician…The methodology that you explain with improving diet and understanding why we eat is genuine. It is something I try desperately to convey to my clients every day. Your life experience has mirrored my scholastic education. - Jenn, Pennsylvania

What a delicious little book you have written! I now realize that I have not actually “tasted” anything in years. I am eating less, and enjoying it so much more. - Elaine, California

I have lost 20 pounds and thanks to you and your wonderful books, it has stayed off. - Alaine, Florida

I want to thank you for being a fantastic role model for generations of American women struggling with their body images. You perspective is a refreshing one, that life is meant to be savored, and I thank you for representing such a positive and ultimately gratifying way to live. - Amy, Connecticut

Thank you for explaining with your books how my grandmother’s statement “all things in moderation” truly is the source of good health, happiness and the essence of life itself! I picked up your first book and found it very easy to incorporate many of the lifestyle changes you pointed out, even with my hectic and stress-out work/personal life. - Lori, Victoria Canada

Would you believe that in the last year I have lost 60 lbs with the French lifestyle? And although it seemed slow at times, it was mostly painless. - Lissa, Texas

 In your book I found myself. I never before read a book like that…it is wonderful! Thank you very much!  - Iren, Bulgaria

I love your little, but mighty book. It's like a hand book on oysters you can always carry with you--an oyster bible. ... My personal announcement--no, I am not getting married but I had 4 raw oysters, my very first. It was lovely feasting. - On Meet Paris Oyster

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