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Mireille is always honored to see her books reviewed by bloggers. Over three years after the release of the first book, the feedback is still positive. Here's just a sampling of the many bloggers who shared their love of Guiliano's books with the online world. All share the famous French woman's love of eating and living well, and all things French:

Paris Frivole
Le Paris des huîtres – Mireille Guiliano – guide gastronomique

A Woman's Paris
French Impressions: Mireille Guiliano’s “Meet Paris Oyster” in pursuit of the world’s best oysters and wine pairings with them

Out and About in Paris
Celebrating oysters in Paris! "Meet Paris Oyster" by Mireille Guiliano and L'Huîtrier

French Revolution
French Women and Oysters: Mireille Guiliano Stops by To Talk Joie de Vivre and Hew New Book, Meet Paris Oyster

The Stylish Working Mama
French Women Don't Get Facelifts

British Beauty Blogger
Clarins Super Restorative Skin Care

French Moments
“Let them eat cake”… and oysters!

How to Be Chic
An evening with Mireille

Chic Londres
Mireille Guiliano: On Why French Women Do It Better

The Simply Luxurious Life
Le Week-end Petit Plaisir: No. 1

The Art of Education
Book Review: Women, Work and The Art of Savoir Faire

Girls in Tech
A Fresh Approach to Business Advice for Women from Mireille Guiliano

Ladies' Lounge (Ladies' Home Journal Blog)
French Women Don’t Get Fat and Neither Did I

Savoring Chicago
A Cookbook Evening with Mireille Guiliano and Jean Joho

Mom Houston: The Middle Lane
The author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” has lots more to say

Faite simple
Getting down on food

C'est Si Bon
A French Woman's View on Fall Fashion

C'est Christine
Women in France don’t get fat…right?'s Blog
Ladies Who Lunch

Angela Tunner
Review of "French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook"

Fifi Flowers
French Women Don't Get Fat...Tablescapes...

mirror mirror
This Week’s Recipe - Madeleines au Chocolat

Around America's Table
Why French Women Don't Get Fat

Whom You Know
Seeing Manhattan on Your Feet

Cooking with Anne
The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook

The Luncheon Society
French Women Don't Get Fat Author Mireille Guiliano

Maggie Wood
New Discoveries

Jackie Writes
French Women Really Don't Get Fat

Frantic Foodie
Seattle Food Blogger Event with Mireille Guillano, Author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat”

Weekend in Paris
Twitter Chat with Mireille Guiliano

In this World
The Food Issue

All About Alton
Alton Brown wasn't my first one

B-Well Report
French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook

This Week for Dinner
Interview with Mireille Guiliano

Food Reviews
Eating like the French--an Attitude as Well as a Cuisine

weirdcombinations: eccentric musings on food, drink, fun and life
Portion, pleasure and planning: the French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook Dinner with Mireille Guiliano

Mireille Guiliano eats for pleasure, doesn't get fat
Cook Like a Thin, French Woman

PascaleRichard's Blog
What’s cooking?

The Lunch Belle
Interviews with TLB: international best selling author, Mireille Guiliano

Bistro Chic
Easy and Healthy French Cooking with Mireille Guiliano

Beth Cone Kramer's Blog
Foie Gras, Champagne, and (Dark) Chocolate

Get Cooking
The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook – Excellent!

Dinner with Julie
Yogurt with Crème Chocolat

Running with Cake
Interview with Author of French Women Don't Get Fat

Martha Stewart Living, The Radio Blog
French Women Don't Get Fat

R Nichols
A Conversation With Mireille Guiliano

Cook, Bake & Nibble
Exciting Announcement & Inspirational Women

Whom You Know
Absolutely read this: The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook

Lucile in the sky
French Women Don't Get Fat

Epi-Log on
Nut Oil for Scallops: Like Butter

Whom You Know
Read This: French Women Don't Get Fat

In Life & In Fashion
9 Questions with Mireille Guiliano

My Inner French Girl
Practice the Art of Living

French Journal
This is a blog that covers all things French:  culture, books, food, and more.  

Leadership Insights
Sage business advice for anyone and everyone. 

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