Mireille is always honored to see her books reviewed by bloggers. Many years after the release of the first book, the feedback is still positive. Here's just a sampling of the many bloggers who shared their love of Guiliano's books with the online world. All share the famous French woman's love of eating and living well, and all things French:

Paris Frivole

Le Paris des huîtres – Mireille Guiliano – guide gastronomique  

Out and About in Paris

Celebrating oysters in Paris! "Meet Paris Oyster" by Mireille Guiliano and L’Huîtrier

French Revolution

French Women and Oysters: Mireille Guiliano Stops by To Talk Joie de Vivre and Hew New Book, Meet Paris Oyster

A Woman’s Paris

French Impressions: Mireille Guiliano’s “Meet Paris Oyster” in pursuit of the world’s best oysters and wine pairings with them

Chic Londres

Mireille Guiliano: On Why French Women Do It Better

Girls in Tech

A Fresh Approach to Business Advice for Women from Mireille Guiliano